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Business Etiquette

Bourdage Consulting has a mission to create success for their clients by developing in them the skills necessary to make a positive and lasting impression on the people they come in contact with throughout their professional life.

Foundations of Professionalism: Projecting a Professional Image

Telephone Etiquette:
   o  Use an appropriate greeting
   o  Practice effective telephone skills
   o  Focus on the person on the other end of the phone
   o  Control emotions
   o  Clarify and confirm to ensure understanding
   o  Use an effective closing for that lasting impression
   o  Using speakerphone

Proper Cell Phone Usage
   o  Observe the “ten-foot-rule” when placing calls
   o  When to answer a call; assessing your environment
   o  Use voicemail for personal calls
   o  When to silence your cell phone
   o  Use text messages to maintain professionalism in a business setting
   o  How to handle an emergency call
   o  Use your “inside voice” during cell phone conversations
   o  Dealing with sensitive subjects

Appropriate Attire:
   o  Definition of proper business dress
   o  Creating an image
   o  Office dress to avoid
   o  Dressing to match your career goals
   o  Keep it understated
   o  Clean and neat
   o  Don’t reveal too much
   o  Dress for the situation
   o  Wardrobe should be more basic than trendy
   o  Well groomed
   o  Tattoos and piercings
   o  Dressing for an interview
   o  Professionalism for business casual attire

Business Networking

Principles of Networking
   o  Theory of networking
   o  Networking strategy
   o  The process of networking
   o  Social capital
   o  Principle of engagement

Conversation that builds relationships
   o  Use a professional handshake
   o  The skills of conversation
   o  Topics to avoid
   o  Tips for making a good impression
   o  Active listening: the two way process of conversation and information
   o  Importance of small talk
   o  The do’s and don’ts of good conversation
   o  Conversation at large and small functions
   o  Leading a conversation
   o  Closing a conversation

Networking Skills
   o  What is networking?
   o  Principles of networking
   o  Building rapport with small talk
   o  Networking strategies
   o  Different types of networks
   o  Diversity in networking; your people resource
   o  The dangers of stereotyping
   o  Qualifying a contact
   o  Developing assets and network capital
   o  Practical psychology of dealing with people
   o  The elevator pitch
   o  Business card use
   o  Elements of an effective business card
   o  Giving and asking for a business card
   o  Name tag etiquette
   o  Tips for working a room
   o  Maintaining your network
   o  Staying in touch with contacts