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Personal Brand

Bourdage Consulting has a mission to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by inspiring them to develop a quality personal brand that guides them through their personal and professional interactions.

Personal Brand
   o  What is personal brand; image versus brand
   o  What are core values and how are they essential to creating your brand
   o  Defining  your individual core values
   o  Committing your values to your brand

What is a belief system and how does it affect your brand
   o  Question the validity of your beliefs
   o Redefining valid new beliefs

Align your brand with your values
   o  Your values are your compass when defining your brand
   o  Use your values when creating a strategy
   o  Using values to validate your direction

Creating your Personal Brand
   o  The Five Essential Brand Qualities
   o  How to use your brand to market yourself
   o  Tips to market your brand