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Social Intelligence

Bourdage Consulting has a mission to strengthen their client’s social intelligence by teaching the essential principles and skills that focus on developing and strengthening interpersonal relationships during social interactions.

Principles of Social Intelligence
   o  Developing a manners mindset
   o  The tools of Social Intelligence

Creating Personal Presence
   o  The importance of first impressions
   o  Proper posture
   o  Eye contact
   o  Walking properly
   o  Degrees of formality
   o  Respect and hierarchy

   o  Principle of situational awareness
   o  Proper introductions
   o  Proper forms of address
   o  Using titles
   o  Shaking hands
   o  Nonverbal communication
   o  How to use interpersonal space or territory
   o  How to deal with the hand holder
   o  How to deal with a hugger
   o  Doing homework on who you are meeting to help with introductions
   o  Introducing yourself with a 15 second sound bite

The Art of Conversation
   o  Rules of conversation
   o  Understanding tone and pace
   o  Adapting to different communication styles
   o  Different types of conversation
   o  Opening topics of conversation
   o  Directing conversation; the leading principle
   o  Conversation at small or large functions
   o  If silence, then what
   o  Cutting in on a conversation
   o  Excusing yourself from a conversation
   o  Active listening: the two way process of conversation and information
   o  Importances of small talk; start a "mental contact file”
   o  Body language; projecting confidence
   o  Closing a conversation
   o  Communicating in public and private

Dinner Etiquette
   o  Understanding table settings
   o  Proper use of cutlery
   o  Understanding stemware
   o  Proper use of napkins
   o  Proper way to eat different foods
   o  Conversation at the table
   o  Pacing the meal
   o  Dealing with accidents and awkward situations
   o  Posture at the table
   o  Consuming alcoholic beverages
   o  Non-alcoholic beverage options
   o  Dealing with service staff
   o  Cultivating staff
   o  Paying the bill
   o  Tipping for services