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Wine Education

Bourdage Consulting has a mission to educate men and women by demystifying the subject of wine, providing practical training that will enhance their ability to select, pair, and enjoy wines.

Wine Tasting and Developing a Taste Profile
   o  Wine tasting
   o  Proper way to taste wine
   o  Examining color
   o  Aroma
   o  Character
   o  How to Dissect a Wine for its Proper Use

Proper wine service
   o  Opening a bottle
   o  Proper pouring of wine
   o  Proper temperature of wine
   o  Proper stemware
   o  Decanting wine
   o  Proper storage of wine
   o  Setting up a wine cellar
   o  Proper way to lay a wine down
   o  Proper cellar conditions
   o  Proper age of different wines

Art and Science of Wine and Food Pairing
   o  Pairing wine and food properly
   o  The chemistry of pairing
   o  Three part formula for pairing wine and foods
   o  How to identify and utilize the different characteristics of wine
   o  Menu and wine list creation
   o  Wine and menu progression during the meal
   o  The enemies of wine
   o  Wine cocktails
   o  Wine in restaurants
   o  Cooking with wine

Wine Event Consulting and Facilitation
   o  Food and wine pairings
   o  Wine education
   o  Wine promotions